System Configuration

Author: fisco-dev

Design Overview

There are many distributed nodes in a block chain. To ensure the configuration is in sync on all nodes, a mechanism has been built in FISCO BCOS using smart contract to sync up the configuration across all nodes:


System Properties


Description: configure the max transaction in a block

Value: (0,2000]

Default: 1000


Description: an interval btw block generation(ms)

Value: >= 1,000

Default: 1,000


Description: Gas spend limitation for each transaction

Value: >= 30,000,000

Default: 30,000,000


Description: Trace back max previous block number to avoid nonce duplication.

Value: >= 1000

Default: 1000


Description: max delay for transaction commit

Value: >= 1000

Default: 1000


Description: enable CA verification

Value: true/false

Default: false


Description: skip empty blocks (will not store the block when there is no transaction)

Value: true/false

Default: true

update configuration

Configuration can be updated by calling system contract on any node but using genesis node is recommended.

Command to update configuration:

babel-node tool.js ConfigAction set [parameter] [value]

Command to get configuration:

babel-node tool.js ConfigAction get [parameter]

An example to change block generation interval

cd tools/systemcontract;
babel-node tool.js ConfigAction set  intervalBlockTime 1000

allow to commit empty block

cd tools/systemcontract;
babel-node tool.js ConfigAction set  omitEmptyBlock false